Ending the Year

And that’s a wrap.

It is certainly an interesting time to be a student. Despite the pandemic, my first year at Holy Cross was incredible.

I recently declared a double major in political science and history with a concentration in peace and conflict studies. It was really beneficial to have a year to explore the many programs offered at Holy Cross before making my decision. I am confident that I made the right choice.

Some other news: I’ll be joining the advisory board of the Alexander Hamilton Society next year to help organize events with scholars and government officials. I have found a great community in the organization and am excited to get more involved.

Thanks for keeping up with me this year! To reach you all about the opportunities that await you on the Hill has been deeply rewarding. I will continue to update this blog over the coming years—and hopefully, with the pandemic behind us, brighter days lay ahead.

Following My Passions

Spring at last!

Fenwick Hall.

And what a great semester it has been. These past few months, I have explored my passions at Holy Cross.

I have learned about foreign policy alongside other students in the Alexander Hamilton Society. Last month, Dr. Ashley J. Tellis, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, spoke with us about India’s role in global politics. Later, we learned about relations between the United States and Taiwan. It has been incredibly enriching.

Through Montserrat, an innovative yearlong learning experience for first-year students, I have examined perspectives on foreign policy from throughout American history. Our class is small—only fourteen students—and deeply interactive. Dr. Joshua Boucher, our professor, has helped us all become better students.

I have also gotten involved in another interest: filmmaking. In American Civil Religion, Racism, and Film with Dr. Todd Lewis, we analyze historically and culturally significant films. It has really strengthened my appreciation for the medium.

Congratulations to those who were admitted to Holy Cross a couple of weeks ago! Looking forward to being with you on the Hill this fall.

Settling In

It has been a week since I arrived on campus. These past few days have been incredible. And, of course, it snowed.

A chilly week on the Hill.

One thing about Holy Cross: it is seriously breathtaking. As you come through these gates, you’ll pass stunning bronze sculptures and brick buildings coated with ivy. On a day like today, snow will drip from tree branches and gently gust with the wind. It is truly remarkable.

And after a year at home, it’s been nice to be around my peers again. I had a great time with my ’24 Connect group last week. Our conversations were deeply thoughtful, insightful, and engaging. That’s part of why I chose Holy Cross in the first place: the students in this community are always ready to learn and grow together.

Saint Joseph Memorial Chapel.

At Mass this week, Father Boroughs spoke about our duty to protect others during the pandemic. It was touching to share such a rewarding experience with my peers. At Holy Cross, faith is an integral part of campus life and I am grateful for that.

I am also grateful for everybody—faculty, staff, and students—who has made this all possible. I am excited to see where this semester takes me.

Looking Ahead

My first semester at Holy Cross is over, which is pretty remarkable considering I haven’t set foot on campus yet. As we approach the spring semester, I am excited about what is to come.

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting ready to move onto campus. At Holy Cross, I am going to experience lots of new things—including snow, which can be hard to come by in North Carolina. I am looking forward to it.

Best of luck to those applying to Holy Cross this week. Applications are due this Friday, January 15. Hopefully, you’ll be able to join us on the Hill this fall.

Exploring Holy Cross from Afar

I am six hundred miles away from campus and I still feel connected to Holy Cross. But it’s a different kind of connection.

Right now, I’m putting in final touches on a paper for my International Relations course. If I were on campus, I might be huddled in a corner of Cool Beans or poring over books in Dinand Library. Afterward, I might hang out with friends or get something to eat at Kimball. But now, as I explore U.S.-China relations from inside of a storage closet we turned into a makeshift study space, evenings like that seems distant.

This isn’t what I imagined my first semester at Holy Cross would look like. But I am fully immersed in this community. Over the past few months, I have experienced what this incredible school has to offer.

I have engaged with brilliant, dedicated professors who push my limits, fuel my intellectual curiosity, and inspire me to learn more about the world. Classes at Holy Cross are welcoming and interactive, complete with engrossing material and engaging breakout sessions.

Outside of class, I have taken advantage of extraordinary opportunities. Dr. Anthony Fauci ’62 visited our school to answer questions about the coronavirus. In September, I attended a lecture about politics by Joseph Nye, one of the country’s leading political scientists and the former Dean of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Later, I learned about political campaigns through a lecture by Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House and nominee for Vice President. Most recently, I attended my first meeting of the Alexander Hamilton Society, an award-winning foreign policy-based student organization. We discussed and learned more about developments in the middle east.

Despite the pandemic, I have gotten more from my first semester at Holy Cross than I could have ever imagined. One word: thankful.