Following My Passions

Spring at last!

Fenwick Hall.

And what a great semester it has been. These past few months, I have explored my passions at Holy Cross.

I have learned about foreign policy alongside other students in the Alexander Hamilton Society. Last month, Dr. Ashley J. Tellis, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, spoke with us about India’s role in global politics. Later, we learned about relations between the United States and Taiwan. It has been incredibly enriching.

Through Montserrat, an innovative yearlong learning experience for first-year students, I have examined perspectives on foreign policy from throughout American history. Our class is small—only fourteen students—and deeply interactive. Dr. Joshua Boucher, our professor, has helped us all become better students.

I have also gotten involved in another interest: filmmaking. In American Civil Religion, Racism, and Film with Dr. Todd Lewis, we analyze historically and culturally significant films. It has really strengthened my appreciation for the medium.

Congratulations to those who were admitted to Holy Cross a couple of weeks ago! Looking forward to being with you on the Hill this fall.

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